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Works not for sale

A selection of art works not for sale have been included. This is to create a context, a history of art making and to add to the meaning of the new paintings that are for sale.

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Australian paintings for charity

90% of the money from the sale of my paintings will go to charities building schools and orphanages for children in dire circumstances.

I am a great believer in the transformative effects of clean water, food, shelter, education and encouragement. My paintings are originals, not prints.the prices are low because there is no gallery commission and because this is a charity project.

Welcome to my website

My paintings are abstracted textural Australian landscapes on watercolour paper.

The surfaces built from layers of media are like a history that echoes the
geological process.

There are influences from my travels in Australia, Asia, Africa and resonances
of cultures past and present. For me the landscape is movingly inscribed
with ancient human traces and symbolic forms.